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A Pearl Comb for a Lady by Julia Bell

The elements for this cover came from a variety of sources.

Julia found frames to suit the three eras covered in her story - Regency, Victorian and modern - in a photo library. She also found contemporary images for two of her characters, Victoria and Jenny. Photography had not been invented at the time of her third character, a Regency lady named Christabel, so Julia found a photo of a woman who would become the basis of an illustration. Christabel started with a casual fringe but later gained curls appropriate to her era which were loosened a little to reflect her personality. She began with a green dress but white suited her better.

The background photograph is of a beautiful silk brocade I found on the website and the owner very kindly allowed me to use it.

Below are some of the stages Christabel went through, click here to see the final design or return to the home page.

christabel greendress whitedress

Julia's website is you can click on the following link to go to Amazon for A Pearl Comb for a Lady Kindle book.