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See you in my Dreams by Jennie Walters

Jennie Walters has been published many times. If you read my previous page of notes you will know about her Swallowcliffe Hall series and she wrote the Party Girls series before that.

After the success of the Kindle versions of Swallowcliffe Hall she decided to go straight to Kindle with her new story - See you in my Dreams - and I was delighted to be asked to create a cover for this book.

Jennie emailed me an excellent photo of her son, Patrick, which I believe was taken on an Iphone. Patrick's expression is wonderful and he is a superb representation of one of the main characters in the book - Jack, a ghost (or is he?) of an eighteen year old from the 1930s.

The only problem I had was that the resolution of the photo of Patrick was a bit low and it was a little blurred. Using Photoshop I applied a filter and tidied the outline. Jennie and I then discussed having more elements in the design and she emailed me a photo of a lovely watch. Time is important in the story so I was careful to crop the watch in a way that hid its hands.

You can see the original photo of Patrick plus some of my experiments below. Click on this link to see the cover that was chosen or click here to return to the home page.

Jennie's website is and you can click on the following link to go to Amazon for the See you in my Dreams Kindle book.