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See you in my Dreams photo montage cover
A Pearl comb for a lady mixed media cover

The Swallowcliffe Hall series by Jennie Walters

I've known Jennie for a number of years. She lives nearby in south London but I believe we first met at an Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) event. I created a website for Jennie when Simon and Schuster published her books as paperbacks, she got back in touch when she wanted to do Kindle versions of the books and asked me to create some covers for them.

Jennie had decided that she wanted photographic montages for her covers using, as a backdrop, a wonderful house she'd photographed while on holiday.

In the foreground we needed to represent the main characters of her books and we tried out many different shots before finding the perfect portraits.

In the end the pictures came from a variety of sources - Isobel is actually Jennie's mother and the man shown on the cover of Grace's Story is her great uncle. Jennie also supplied me with shots of a beautiful locket, a frame and an identity card.

Below are the photographs I used for Polly's story and you can see the results at the bottom of this page. The most difficult element on Polly's cover was the locket, I spent quite a lot of time experimenting with it because it seemed too dominant at first - erasing the chain, then reducing the size of the ring and the lid helped with this.


The Swallowcliffe Hall Kindle books are now selling very well in the UK and in America. I'm not surprised because I've read them all and they are excellent stories. It is nice to have had a small part to play in this success. Jennie has written about her experiences in this blog. Her latest book, See You in my Dreams, is also available on Kindle and I did the cover for it as well - you can see and read about it here.

You can see all four of the Swallowcliffe Hall covers on this page. Jennie's website is

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